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Heavy Radicals: Revised & Updated

All new introduction with furhter revelations on the Ad Hoc Committee for a Marxist-Leninist Party, the informant Donald H. Wright, the FBI’s assessment of the RU/RCP, and furher thoughts on “the China franchise.”


Whole World in an Uproar

Artists such as Jim Morrison, Miriam Makeba, Bob Dylan, and Nina Simone transformed pop music in the 1960s, but they did not do so without a fight. They were confronted by deeply entrenched forces within the status quo who pushed back against them. This book charts the rise of these artists, the opposition they encountered, and how they responded—all amid the unprecedented upheaval of the Black freedom movement, opposition to the war in Vietnam, and the arising of the counterculture. Through the use of previously unreleased FBI files and other government documents, interviews, extensive research of the media of the day, and other works, the book brings to light a hidden and unexplored aspect of a period in history that continues to impact our world.